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con_telApplied Electronics Laboratory
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
University of Patras
Campus of Rion, Patras 26500, Greece

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High Speed Communications


APEL has a long and strong expertise on this field extending from hardware implementations of special high-level interfaces to software developments of advanced communication services and protocols. These activities concern high-speed fixed network (like ATM, xDSL, ISDN) as well as wireless broadband networks, supporting interactive and bandwidth-on-demand applications. The main aim is to support advanced services with end-to-end Quality of Service, running over a variety of media, like fibre, copper cable, radio and broadcast channels. Furthermore, a lot of effort is given to develop interworking structures and services of core networks with mobile and fixed LANs and interoperability across the INTERNET, wide area, local area and home networks. This work is based on the use of advanced hardware development tools and special software platforms, including Real Time Operating Systems cores (like Chorus) and high-level languages (like JAVA).

Typical areas of research activity:

  • Design and hardware implementation of a Left / Right camera real-time disparity estimator at a rate 27 MHz and encapsulation in an ATM frame.
  • Design and development of a MUX/DMUX PCB for MPEG video, hosted on the PCI bus and interworking with an ATM card.
  • Design and implementation of a 622Mbps ATM Network Interface Card, supporting ABR, UBR, CBR, VBR quality of service (QoS), as well as standard fast TCP/IP protocol stack for the adaptation and acceleration of the TCP/IP protocol under the Chorus/ClassicX Real Time Operating System.
  • Design and implementation of an Interworking Unit (IWU) which interconnects the N-ISDN Primary Rate Interface (PRI) at 2.048 Mbps with the ATM network (155.52 Mbps or less), ensuring the interworking and the interoperability features between them. Emphasis is given in the dynamic negotiation of the end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS).
  • Development of hardware/software components for ADSL systems, performance measurements for the copper channels, integration of these systems in backbone high-speed wide area networks.
  • Development of sub-systems for a digital OFDM Modem for broadband radio at 20 Mbits/s employed in broadband networks for interactive and bandwidth-on-demand applications.
  • Design and development of application-level service elements, supporting point-to-multipoint associations, with diverse media associations per composite association and negotiation / re-negotiation of QoS procedures.
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Latest Publications

  • 2012: Network driven cache behavior in wireless sensor networks
  • 2012: FLOGERA — A fuzzy logic event recognition algorithm in a WSN environment
  • 2012: Performance enhancement in WSN through data cache replacement policies
  • 2012: A network reliability oriented event detection scheme for Wireless Sensors and Actors Networks

Applied Electronics Laboratory, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Patras