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con_telApplied Electronics Laboratory
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
University of Patras
Campus of Rion, Patras 26500, Greece

con_tel+30 2610 996427

con_fax+30 2610 996818

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Applied Electronics Laboratory
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
University of Patras
Campus of Rion, Patras 26500, Greece

con_tel+30 2610 996427

con_fax+30 2610 996818

emailButtonwebmaster AT

How to get to the University of Patras

From Athens International Airport :

The nearest major airport to Patras is the "Eleftherios Venizelos" International Airport of Athens. People arriving at the Athens International Airport are advised to take the bus E93 (Bust stop at Arrivals Level exit 5) to Kifissos Intercity Bus Station, from where frequent buses for Patras depart. Bus E93 runs twice every hour (24 hours service) and takes approximately 50 minutes to get to the Kifissos Intercity bus Station. Fare is 2,90 Euros. For more updated information on the service look in Athens Airport Info under Transportation. Alternatively by taxi from the Airport to the Kifissos Intercity Bus Stationit takes 30 to 45 minutes, with approximate price 20 Euros, depending on the time of the day, number of items of luggage etc.

From Athens to Patras By Intercity Bus (KTEL):

The most convenient way to reach Patras from Athens is by intercity bus. The service is frequent and cheap and is run by the Greek National Intercity Bus Company (KTEL). Buses run every half an hour or even shorter from 6 to 23. The trip lasts about 2,5 hours (Express bus service) or 3 hours (regular bus service, with stops in the way). The fare is around 15 Euros. No advanced booking is required. It is preferable to take an express bus. For updated information look at :KTEL timetable (choose From Region Attiki, city Athens To: Region Achaia, city Patra) Indicative recent departure times from Athens to Patras are the following:
Athens 06:00 06:15 06:45 07:00 07:30 08:00 08:30 09:00 09:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 12:00 12:30 13:00 13:30 14:00 14:30 15:00 15:30 16:00 16:30 17:00 17:15 17:30 17:45 18:00 18:30 19:00 19:30 20:00 20:30 21:15 22:00 23:00
In Patras, the Bus Station (KTEL) is located near the port, at 2 Zaimi St. and Othonos Amalias St. [Tel.: 2610-623.886-8] Departures are from KTEL Kifissos Intercity Bus Station , Address: 100 Kifissou St, 10442 Athens

From Athens to Patras By Train (OSE):

Athens Train station can be reached directly from Athens International airport rhrough the Proastiakos train line or Metro (Stathmos Larissis station). (allow for a 40' journey, 8 euro fare, also note that you have to cross from the Proastiakos train platform to the Peloponeese Terminal (15' walk)). However the service from Athens to Patras is not as frequent as the bus service. The trip from Athens to Patras lasts about 3,5 hours, by the Intercity trains, while local trains can take much longer. In Patras, the Train Station (OSE) is located in the town centre, near the port and the Bus station. [Tel.: 2610- 0273.694]. The train ticket price is equivalent to that of the bus. The train goes through some very beautiful scenery on the cost of Peloponnese, so the slow trains compensate the passengers with the natural beauty of the trip. More information on train company OSE
Indicative recent timetable info:Athens-> Patras
Departure Time Arrival Time
06:29 10:11
08:47 12:29
10:04 14:05
11:47 15:29
12:27 17:13
15:28 19:11
17:52 21:35
22:47 02:41

From Patras city center to the University:

The most convenient way to reach the University is by taxi. From the bus/train station take a taxi to the Department (approx. fare 3 to 5 Euros, duration of the trip 10 to 20 min, depending on the traffic) There are taxis available around the clock. [Radiotaxi Express Tel.: 1300, 2610-450.000, 2610-346.590] There is a also a city bus service (blue buses), Bus No 6 links the down town area with the University Campus. During term time, city bus #6 runs regularly between the Campus and downtown Patras every 10-15 minutes on weekdays and every one hour on weekends.During the summer and holidays the weekday services are less frequent. The ticket costs around 1 Euro per person. The downtown terminal is in Amalias Street near the Intercity Bus Station. Ask the driver about the exact bus-stop in the campus. The Electrical & Computer Engineering Department buildings are close the Main building, the bank and the main cafeteria. (see map)

By car to the University

From Athens and Rio:

Via the national road Athens-Patras you follow the first exit after the Rio toll posts.There is a sign to the University Hospital and the University. Consult the Campus map for directions within the Campus From the west If you come from Pyrgos Olympia and western Greece, take the last exit No 5 of Patras Ring Road, follow the signs to the University which is located very close to the motorway exit. From Athens Airport

By bus from other cities of Greece to Patras:

Patras is connected with all major Greek cities, the nearby Ionian islands and the well-known archaeological sites (Olympia, Delphi, Kalavryta) by KTEL buses. Recent timetables of bus services to and from Patras are the following:

8.15, 12.00, 14.30, 17.30

9.00, 12.00, 14.30, 17.30.

8.30, 15.00, 21.00

8.15, 15.15, 20.30



Sea connections:

Patras is the western gate of Greece to Italy and Western Europe. More than 50 ship-services every week link the city with the major Italian ports Ancona and Bari and the Ionian Islands. Port Authority [Tel.: +30 (61) 0341.002]

Indicative sea connections to Patras are :

Departure every evening at 22.00 and 24.00

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday
21.30, 24.00, 24.00, 13.30

Thursdays 23.50

Every evening at 23.30 Saturday-Sunday at 13.00

22.30, 23.30, 22.30, 22.30

Every Sunday 23.00

Companies' Patras offices:

Web site:

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Latest Publications

  • 2012: Network driven cache behavior in wireless sensor networks
  • 2012: FLOGERA — A fuzzy logic event recognition algorithm in a WSN environment
  • 2012: Performance enhancement in WSN through data cache replacement policies
  • 2012: A network reliability oriented event detection scheme for Wireless Sensors and Actors Networks

Applied Electronics Laboratory, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Patras